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A Comprehensive Guide to Fidget Spinner Bearings

The fidget spinner boom is totally unprecedented and it’s been mindboggling to see a previously non-existent toy become a worldwide sensation within the space of a few months. It’s helped to get many entrepreneurs onto the business scene and for those who used to make bearings for other purposes, such as skateboarding, it’s been a dream come true. Without a quality bearing though, you’re going to be left wanting with your fidget spinner. Thankfully, our guide is going to get [...]


Costume Jewelry

Adornments for the body that are made of precious metals and stones are called jewelry, and jewelry is given the name costume jewelry when it is not made from precious materials. Costume jewelry provides an inexpensive way to add glamour and sparkle to fashion because it is usually made of cheap materials, such as glass or plastic rather than diamonds and emeralds, and plain steel, brass, or copper, rather than gold and silver. Though costume jewelry has been worn [...]


New Amazon Fire TV stick brings Alexa voice assistant to UK TV screens

Faster, more powerful streaming device comes with Alexa and voice control, turning almost any TV smart – despite only being little larger than a flash drive Amazon is bringing its Alexa voice assistant to British televisions with a £40 Fire TV stick that turns almost any TV into a smart streaming box. The new Fire TV stick comes with a voice-enabled remote, giving users access to voice controls and search for movies, music and TV shows. But it will also perform Alexa’s [...]